Thread: We need ready-made functions for the language c

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    Question We need ready-made functions for the language c

    I have been programming for si for 2 months already. I used to write on java and there were many ready-made functions. For example: deleting a word from a string, deleting from an index to an index, charat and others.
    But in the standard language, there are very few functions and I'm terribly short of most of the similar ones that were in the java language. I myself do not want to write them, eo is tedious and to the same why write something that has long been written?
    Therefore, I need ready-made functions, since on the Internet after an hour of searching, I never found them.
    What are the functions I need:
    1) remove from the string the characters from the index to the index and return an array
    2) remove from the string characters before the first match with the string and return an array with the finished result
    3) The same as 2 point, but from the end
    And others like those that are in java.
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    No idea if this library is any good.
    But, it was the number two result on Google for "C string library".
    GitHub - antirez/sds: Simple Dynamic Strings library for C

    Edit: Link to another site answers to related question Good C string library - Stack Overflow

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