Thread: Const on left, not const on right. ¿Problem?

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    Const on left, not const on right. ¿Problem?

    Is there anything wrong with this?
    PHP Code:
    int get_valid_grade_counter();
    int GRADE_COUNTER get_valid_grade_counter(); 

    float grade[GRADE_COUNTER]; 
    My program works perfectly with this code, as far as I can tell. I'm asking because all the examples I've seen only have constants on the right hand side. For example:
    PHP Code:
    #define MAX_NUMBER_OF_GRADES 16

    float grade[MAX_NUMBER_OF_GRADES]; 

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    Well the former still counts as a variable length array, which is only fully supported in C99.
    All the const is doing is making sure you get a diagnostic if you try to modify GRADE_COUNTER after the initialisation (say GRADE_COUNTER++).
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    #define MAX_NUMBER_OF_GRADES 16
    float grade[MAX_NUMBER_OF_GRADES];
    This works with all C Compilers.

    The other one does NOT work with all C Compilers.

    As already stated in this thread it works if you have variable length arrays.

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