Thread: LDPC Decoding:Looking for logic using algorithm.

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    LDPC Decoding:Looking for logic using algorithm.

    I am working LDPC encoding and decoding for mini project work. With my effort i have completed LDPC encoding but struggling with LDPC decoding.

    Message-passing on the binary erasure channel

    Code word =[1 0 0 1 0 1]

    Y= [1 0 0 x x 1] // x = missing bit, need to find out the missing bit through Message-passing decoding algorithm.

    Can anyone help me in writing C languageLDPC Decoding:Looking for logic using algorithm.-algo-png for decoding procedure. Please give me logic.

     Procedure D
    I= 0                        //Initialization
    For i= 1 :n do
    end for
    for j= 1 :m do               //Step 1: Check messages
    for all i ∈Bj do
    if all messages into check j other than M i are known then
    end if
    end for
    end for
    for i= 1 :n do //Step 2: Bit messages
    if Mi= ‘unknown’then
    end if
    end if
    end for
    if all Mi known or I =Imax then                                 //Test
    I=I+ 1
    end if
    until Finished
    end procedure

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    Previewing your post so that it doesn't include links to images on your hard drive might help.

    > for decoding procedure. Please give me logic.
    You're already given the procedure, you need to have a go at turning it into C code.

    Start by thinking about what data structures M, E, are.
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    Actually i am not getting about the type of decoder concerned with partially parallel or fully serial bcoz I have to implement the LDPC decoder with the help of belief propagation algorithm.In that process i have been provided with a H matrix,code word like [0 0 1 0 1 1] for a 4*6 matrix.The received word is r=[1 0 1 0 1 1] with a cross over probability of p=0.2.

    Now the steps which i have to follow for computation is as follows:- the first step using logp/1-p i have to find out the received word and it comes like

    2.Since it is a 4*6 matrix
    M11=r1=-1.3863 and M31=r1=-1.3863
    for i=2,M12=r2=1.3863 and M22=r2=1.3863
    for i=6 M36=r6=-1.3863 and M46=r6=-1.3863

    3.Extrensic information.It is calculated by using formula

    Like that i have to calculate for eacha nd every node and finally a E matrix has been formed

    4.calculation of LLR
    L1=r1+E11+E31=some value
    L6=some value
    finally on the basis of BPSK scheme
    Z=[0 0 1 0 1 1]

    5.To check if Z is a valid codeword
    S=Z.H transpose
    if it comes like [0 0 0 0] then my code word is correct otherwise have to go for next iteration.

    Please tell me how should i proceed.Its a total mathematical calculation.I am stuck with the point of taking matrix as a input.If i take it as an array also then how should i calculate that tanh calculation.

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