Thread: find first occurance of a string in a file

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    Question find first occurance of a string in a file

    hi all post #1 :]

    i've got a file that is generated by a program i've made. the first few lines of the file are comments, deliminated by #'s. i'd like to be able to do a fscanf on each line of the file, disregarding the first few lines, to input data. now the number of commented lines at the top of the file may be a few or a bunch. here is an example of the file i'm talking about...

    # a bunch of commments here...
    # cprogramming.c is cool!
    # etc...

    prog etc and so on

    i need to find the first occurance of the word "prog" because that is the line at which my "important" data starts. is there a simple way to do this? i was thinking read each word into a string and strcmp it for "prog" but i'm sure it can be done more efficiently. thanks!


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    if you're using string classes, use the find() function.

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    Read a line and test the first non-whitespace character for '#'. Do this until you run out of #'s and then use strstr on the line to find "prog". If the string is on a line by itself you could use strcmp, but if there are other items on the same line you will have to check and see if your string is there, then find out where so that you can continue processing the important stuff.

    >if you're using string classes, use the find() function.
    This is the C board.

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