Thread: Replacing part of a string?

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    Replacing part of a string?

    I am trying to replace part of a string with a number. I am looking for "$$" within the string and I would like to change that to a number within the string. For instance, if the input was: "hello$$hello" then the replacement would look like this: "hello3125hello".

    The way I have been trying to get this done is by getting the part up to $$ into another char array, then get the part after $$ into a char array and combine everything using sprintf, something like this:
    sprintf(fullstring, "%s%d%s", firstpart, id, secondpart);
    so far I have this:
    char buffer[MAX_LEN];
    char firstpart[256];
    char secondpart[256];
    char fullstring[MAX_LEN];
    char *p;
    int id = 1222;
    fgets(buffer, MAX_LEN, stdin);
    if((p = strstr(buffer, "$$")))
    strncpy(firstpart, buffer, p-buffer);
    when I print out firstpart, I get the string up to "$$" but I am not sure how to get the second part. How would I get everything after the $$ into the secondpart char array?

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    Your idea works, but you don't really need firstpart and secondpart as you can write directly to fullstring. Here's my example:
    /* Interpolate src by substituting placeholder with the decimal string
     * representation of value, writing the result, including the terminating null
     * character, to the first n chars of dest, returning dest.
    char *interpolate(char *dest,
                      size_t n,
                      const char *src,
                      const char *placeholder,
                      int value)
        if (n > 0)
            char *p = strstr(src, placeholder);
            if (p)
                size_t first_segment_len = (size_t)(p - src);
                if (first_segment_len >= n)
                    first_segment_len = n - 1;
                dest[0] = '\0';
                strncat(dest, src, first_segment_len);
                snprintf(dest + first_segment_len,
                         n - first_segment_len,
                         p + strlen(placeholder));
                dest[0] = '\0';
                strncat(dest, src, n - 1);
        return dest;
    Applying the above to your example, you would call interpolate like this:
    interpolate(fullstring, MAX_LEN, "hello$$hello", "$$", 123);
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