Thread: See if a file is empty ? Best way?

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    See if a file is empty ? Best way?

    I write that way, is the best way ?

        if (NULL != pFile) {
            fseek(pFile, 0, SEEK_END);
            int size = ftell(pFile);
            if (0 == size) {
                printf("The file is empty \n");
            } else {
    I know what i should expect in the file.

    nrfronteiras is unknow before i make fscanf and store the value in vector[i].nrfronteiras.

       while (!feof(pFile)) {
            fscanf(pFile, "%s %d %d", vector[i].idarea, &vector[i].pesocomportado, &vector[i].nrfronteiras);
      for (int k = 0; k < vector[i].nrfronteiras; k++) {
                vector[i].fronteiras[k] = malloc(MAX * sizeof (char)); 
                fscanf(pFile, "%s", vector[i].fronteiras[k]);
    In end i want to my program to detect a empty file and all the lines i read from the file are on the correct format.

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    That's the best portable way...

    feof() won't do what you want it to do. Instead, use the return value of fscaf(). If it managed to read everything using the format you specified, it should return the number of elements it read( in your case 3 and 1 respectively ).
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