Thread: how do i read two bytes in a row?

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    how do i read two bytes in a row?

    hi first look at this code:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    void binary(char byte) {
        unsigned char mask = 0x80;
        for ( ; mask; mask >>= 1)
            putchar(byte & mask ? '1' : '0');
    int main( void )
        FILE *fp;
        int c;
        if ( (fp = fopen("TEXT.TXT", "rb")) == NULL)
            fprintf(stderr, "Error opening file.");
        while ((c = fgetc(fp)) != EOF)
            putchar(' ');
        return 0;
    fgetc reads fp one byte at a time but how can i read two bytes in a row and save them to arrays like this: first and second byte in c[0] and c[1] and after code is executed third and fourth byte in c[0] and c[1] and on... . ( the code was just for example )

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    What you need is a standard function called fread(). Visit the link to see how it works.
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    Just use two fgetc's in a row.

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