Thread: define struct literally for returning a null version

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    define struct literally for returning a null version

    Iíve got an array of structs defined like so:

    struct character_data {
        char name[18];
        int width;
        int height;
        unsigned long data[66][1];
    struct character_data chars_data[] = {
        { "0", 37, 66,
            { {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0xffe000}, {0x3fff800}, {0x7fffe00}, {0xfffff00}, {0x1fffff80}, {0x3fc03f80}, {0x3f801fc0}, {0x7f000fe0}, {0x7e0007e0}, {0xfc0007e0}, {0xfc0007f0}, {0x1fc0003f0}, {0x1f80003f0}, {0x1f80003f0}, {0x1f80003f8}, {0x1f80001f8}, {0x3f80001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f00001f8}, {0x3f80001f8}, {0x1f80001f8}, {0x1f80003f0}, {0x1f80003f0}, {0x1f80003f0}, {0x1fc0003f0}, {0xfc0007e0}, {0xfc0007e0}, {0x7e000fc0}, {0x7f001fc0}, {0x3f803f80}, {0x3fe0ff80}, {0x1fffff00}, {0xffffe00}, {0x7fffc00}, {0x3fff000}, {0x7fc000}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0}, {0x0} }
    At the moment itís in a separate file as a global variable.

    In a function which finds and returns the right element from the chars_data array, Iím trying to define and return a null version of the character_data structure for when whatís being asked for isnít found.

        return (struct character_data){"null",0,0,{{0}} };
    Tried a number of variations on that. Canít get it to work/compile. What should that be? Thanks.

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