Thread: function pointers in struct as global variable

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    function pointers in struct as global variable

    I’m considering having a function pointer, probably more than one, in a struct. A single instance of the struct will be as a global variable. (Functions in structs as described here Function Pointer in C Struct - CodeProject ). I haven’t actually gone through the details of that yet but it appears at first glance the kind of thing I have in mind is at least possible. So then they’ll be a handful of functions attached to just one variable name. Callable from wherever. Is that a no no, or OK and good in some situations? Or just, fine but unnecessary?

    It’ll be for a bit of kind of infrastructure, functionality and data, that’ll be used throughout a system I’m trying to make. I want this infrastructure to be in the background as it were. It’ll be used here, there and everywhere, but it’s not something I want to feature prominently as I’m working on the system; hidden, just doing its job as invisibly as possible is the goal.

    Silly or OK do you reckon?


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    I recommend that you just use well chosen function name prefixes. Unfortunately, C lacks native namespace functionality, so that is the usual solution, inflexible as it may be.
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    Righty hoe, OK, thanks.

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