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    Menu Program

    I have been struggling with this for days. I am to create a program to show a menu of facts, and the user is to put in which fact that they would like to learn about. I have a general idea of how I would like to look. Where I am stuck at is, getting the function to read a file using fgets and print to the screen. This is what I have so far. I just need help getting the textInit function to print to the screen. (Note a lot of this code is trash because i've been changing a lot of things around)proe.c

    #define NUM_ROWS 22
    #define LENGTH_OF_LONGEST_LINE 455
    void textInit(char readIn[][LENGTH_OF_LONGEST_LINE]);  //prototype for textInit function
    int displayMenu(char showIn[][LENGTH_OF_LONGEST_LINE]); //prototype for displayMenu function
    void inputText(char selectIn[NUM_ROWS][LENGTH_OF_LONGEST_LINE],int choice); // prototype for inputTExt function
    int main (void)
    //int i;
    char arraypat[NUM_ROWS][LENGTH_OF_LONGEST_LINE];
    char patfact,patfact1;	
    return 0;
    void textInit(char readIn[][LENGTH_OF_LONGEST_LINE])//function that will put the input.txt into the array
    int readIn_1;_
    	//scanf("%s", &arraypat[NUM_ROWS][LENGTH_OF_LONGEST_LINE]);
    	readIn_1 = strlen(readIn);
    	//scanf("%s", arraypat[i]);
    int displayMenu(char showIn[][LENGTH_OF_LONGEST_LINE])
    int i,j,menuChoice;
    	printf("Which of the following St. Pat's Facts do you wish to view?");
    	for(j=1;j<=11; j++)
    		for(i=1; i<=NUM_ROWS; i+=2)
    	scanf("%d", &menuChoice);
    	if( 1 > menuChoice || menuChoice > 11)
    		printf("Please enter a number between 1 and 11");
    	//	return menuChoice;
    	return 0;
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    If you're trying to read from a file, the first thing you need at some point is

    FILE *fp = fopen("input.txt","r");
    // check fp != NULL

    Followed by
    while ( fgets( buff, sizeof(buff), fp ) != NULL )
    // do something with each line

    > for(j=1;j<=11; j++)
    1. Arrays being at subscript 0, not 1
    2. Use %s to print a whole line, rather than %c to print each character separately.
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