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    Change variable value

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
        char stem[1];
        printf("Type in the infinitive form:\n\n");
        scanf("%s", stem);
        printf("Present Tense\nInfinitive: %s\n\n", stem);
            printf("First Person Singular: %s\n", stem);
                printf("Second Person Singular: %s\n", stem);
                    printf("Third Person Singular: %s\n", stem);
            printf("First Person Plural: %s\n", stem);
                printf("Second Person Plural: %s\n", stem);
                    printf("Third Person Plural: %s\n", stem);
        printf("Present Passive: %s\n", stem);
        printf("Negative Passive: %s\n", stem);
    I'm trying to make a verb conjugator in C. The user will attribute a value (a verb) to the variable "stem" and I want this variable to be displayed in the printf's with the last 3 letters removed so I can individually add the pronominal endings.

    So if the value "abcdefg" is attributed to "stem", I want it to be displayed as just "abcd" in the printf's below the scanf but I got no clue how to do this. This is not a thing apparently:

    printf("First Person Singular: %s\b\b\b", stem);

    I'm really in the beginning still so any ideas on how to do this? Thanks.

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    > char stem[1];
    I guess the first thing you need to do is allocate enough space in your stem string to actually store a string.
    Given that a string needs at least a \0, an array with only 1 element isn't that useful.

    Knowing the length of the string is useful, so let's start with
    int p = strlen(stem);

    It's useful to note that stem[p] is where the \0 character is at the end of the string.

    Perhaps you could then do something like
    stem[p-3] = '\0';
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