Thread: How to make a program with multiple functions run with main function at the top?

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    Question How to make a program with multiple functions run with main function at the top?

    So basically I was working on my homework, basically completed everything, but one trick was to make the program have no warnings even with the int main(void) at the top of the program.
    I literally researched and tried almost everything but could not get it to work. Im stumped and I need yalls help!

    When I run it, it works perfectly, but showed warnings when I compiled it.

    I purposely left out code in functions to not be a victim, if you need more, let me know.

    TLDR: I need to make this run with no warnings.

    int main(void){
            int max = 100;
            int randnums[max];
            printArray(randnums, max);
    void populateArray(int* randnums, int max){
    void insertionSort(int * randnums,int max){
    void swap(int* val1, int* val2){
    void printArray(int* randnums,int  max) {

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    You need to prototype your functions before main.

    Like so
    void populateArray(int* randnums, int max);
    void insertionSort(int * randnums,int max);
    void swap(int* val1, int* val2);
    void printArray(int* randnums,int  max);
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