Thread: USB - Virtual RS232 port

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    USB - Virtual RS232 port

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently working on my Master's thesis and I need help on a very specific issue that, although being related to the work I'm developing, my counselor can't help and I haven't found anyone that could.

    I'm using a programmable DC power source that is connected to the computer via USB. LabVIEW drivers for Windows already exist, but the computer I was given to work on is a Mac that runs Yosemite. And I'm completely clueless on how to build a LabVIEW driver.

    Here is the situation. Although the power source connects via USB, the communication is made through a virtual RS232 port.

    I tried using PyUSB and pySerial in an initial approach but the best I managed to do was creating a USB/Serial device, without being able to correctly communicate.

    The help I'm asking is, can I do it with C? Are there specific .h I can use?

    Can someone please help me with this? Or redirect me to a guide?

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