Thread: Requesting feedback on my code

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    Requesting feedback on my code

    Hello, everyone. I am a self-taught C programmer. I have written part of a word-wrapping program, about 300 lines so far in multiple files. I am requesting feedback about my coding style. I would appreciate honest criticism. Thanks in advance.

    You can download a zip here:
    Dropbox -

    Or use github:
    GitHub - richardcavell/wrap: Word-wrapping program written in C89

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    Everybody is "self-taught".

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    The actual presentation of the code is very good.

    Some comments on details.
    1. Most of the option parsing code should be moved to options.c
    2. options_t is the kind of size where you should be passing around pointers, rather than always passing by value.
    3. Consider using getopt to do the grunt work.
    4. You re-declare open_file(const char *fn, struct options_t options); inside main.
    5. Your default options invocation should be DEFAULT_INVOCATION and not NULL.
    6. In options_t, the member 'int files' is far too non-descriptive.
    7. You have a buffer size in options_t, but no buffer pointer (though you do allocate a buffer in open_file()
    8. if ( buffer ) guarding free(buffer) is a waste, since free(NULL) is a safe operation to begin with.
    9. Operand reversal is so 1980's - EOF == fclose(fp). See Question 17.4
    10. Failing to open/close a file should not normally cause a program to exit.
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