Thread: How can I evaluate an expression with the operator only known as a characte

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    How can I evaluate an expression with the operator only known as a characte

    I am writing a program that implements an rpn type calculator while getting the values for it from a file. I am trying to figure out how I can Evaluate an expression when the operator is retrieved from the file. Right now I have this..

    double rpn_eval(char * fileName, double x){
    double a,b,c;
    File *fd;
    fd = fopen(fileName);
    char * word;
    while (word = nextword(fd)){
    if (word >= '0' && word <= '9'){
     a = stack_pop();
     b = stack_pop();
     //I want to evalute b (word) a
    If you could also redirect me to some source material so I could read about it that would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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    Perhaps (ignoring all the syntax errors in your pseudo-code)
    if ( word == '+' ) {
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