Thread: Improving skill with bitwise

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    Improving skill with bitwise

    Gaining some experience with bitwise operations such as AND, OR, XOR, Shift Left, Shift Right, Rotation, etc... I'm pretty familiar with what they are doing when it comes to actually visually performing the operations. However, it is also becoming very apparent to me that there is a lot of mathematical significance as to what is really going on with the numbers. An example would be how shifting left and right can perform multiplication and division in a faster manner than actual multiplication and division, and how XOR can be used for addition and so on...

    So my question is, is there any one-stop-shop or primer on the details of these operations in terms of what you can do with them mathematically? I've sort of bits-and-pieced (not pun intended, oh gosh) information together but I'd be surprised if there wasn't a good write up or resource detailing this. It doesn't need to be super crazy mathematician-like, but just even all the basics. I've been incorporating assembly into my code lately which has helped a bit, and shown me how these ops can be used to do amazing things, but again, I still wouldn't consider myself fluent by any means. Thanks.

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    This should keep you busy for a while
    bit twiddling - Google Search
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    Wow, thanks for the magic words. Twiddling!

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