Thread: Is it possible to typecast enum variable in C

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    Is it possible to typecast enum variable in C

    It seems the enum constants are signed int as per C standard, please correct me if it is different.

    Is there anyway to define an enum and typecast to other type say "unsigned int"?

    In the following pseudo code, the enum variable "file1.status" was assigned with the return value of function "get_value", which is of type unsigned int.

    typedef enum {
        OPEN    = 0,
        CLOSE    = 1,
        SUCCESS    = 3,
        FAILURE    = 4
    } t_status;
    struct file_status {
        t_status status;
    } file1;
    unsigned int get_value()
        unsigned int value;
        return value;
    void main()
        file1.status = get_value();

    I am getting Implicit conversion warning(unsigned int to signed int). Is it possible to fix this warning by typecasting the enum as unsigned int.

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    So why can't get_value() return the enumeration type itself?

    Which begs the question, how are you ensuring that the unsigned value you are returning is actually a member of your enumeration?

    A possible hack is to introduce an enum constant which cannot be represented as an int, eg
    This (for me with gcc) makes the underlying enum integer type unsigned.
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    I don't have control on the get_value(). It is a generic function which returns the value of bits at the given bit positions.

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