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    Access to struct members


    New to the forum and relatively new to the C language (mainly used for embedded 8051). Porting code from Kiel to SDCC compiler for work and struggling as my code is not compiling... (it does compile in Kiel but then again I would love to know more how it works as I have not seen this behaviour before)..

    So I've got a header file with a struct:

    typedef union
              unsigned long u32;
                       unsigned char     hh;
                       unsigned char     hl;
                      unsigned char     lh;
                       unsigned char     ll;
              } u8;
    } HighLow;

    On another header file I have a different struct:

    typedef struct
          unsigned char                 id;
          unsigned char                 ef;                           
          unsigned char                 rtr;                          
          unsigned char                 dlc;                    
          unsigned char                 buffer[MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE];
    } FRAME;
    And in my source file I have a function that access’s both structures and assigns the value of a register to it:

    Core_Rx(FRAME* myFrame)
    Frame-> id.u8.ll = HW_get_8bit_reg(RXMESSAGE_REG);

    Is this possible? How does this work if so?


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    The only way that makes any sense is if you have
    HighLow id;
    as the first member of the FRAME structure.
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