Thread: Creating a ppm diagram

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    Creating a ppm diagram

    Hello everyone.

    I have some c-code. It's nothing special, just an option to save a few numbers into a file. Now I want to open this saved file again and create a ppm diagram. But I don't know how. May someone help me with this?

    Thanks. Sincerely Teddy

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    I'm guessing you mean Netpbm format - Wikipedia

    Some actual numbers and an idea of what sort of picture you're hoping to see would be useful.

    As would some attempt at the problem on your part.
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    Yeah exactly this format I meant.
    I save a few float numbers in a txt file. Then i have the option to open that file again and now I want to generate a simple ASCII image (.ppm)

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    "I want to generate a ppm image from a few floats in a text flie."

    What kind of image? A graph? An elephant?

    What's stopping you from doing it?

    Do you understand the ppm format?
    Post some code.

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