Thread: Input a .txt file with pointers?

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    Input a .txt file with pointers?

    Ok so i have figured out the load function and print function of a .txt input file. I need help with a check function (to check if the values scanned in main are in the loaded .txt file). the .txt file has names, account numbers, and account values.
    my program looks vaguely like this (plz ignore all compile errors, this is not exact code):

    int main (int argc,char** argv)
    int load_file(char*,char**,int *, float *,int)
    void print_file(char**,int *,float *,int)
    printf("Enter a name? ")
    printf(Enter account number )
    scanf(%d,act number)
    //i need to check if the name and number entered is in my .txt file!
    //function must use pointers!!! and look like
    int check(char**,int *, char *,int, int)
    return 0;
    //can some make the check function for me??
    My load and print functions print the .txt file.

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    It might help if it were a little less vague by having 5 variables that you intent to pass to check.

    And no, we don't just write whole functions for you - you need to make some effort.

    Your load_file and print_file functions have a similar interface - study them in detail.
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