Thread: Function returns more than one value... tuto

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    Red face Function returns more than one value... tuto

    hello, I'd like share you this little youtube tutorial that can help you whene you want encode functions returns more than one value ... that's the video link : algorithm : function return more than one value - YouTube

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    So... you discovered structs... well done.

    Sorry if I seem a bit unimpressed, but this knowledge is basic for those of us who program in C even periodically.

    If you want any tips about the video, try to make the lighting better. You're using a whiteboard, and your light shines right off it into your camera.
    Also try to minimize the sounds/noise( such as your chair moving/creaking), we don't need to hear that.
    You should also get used to writing faster( but just as cleanly at least ), people don't like waiting for you to write the code. That or you could pre-write then and reveal them as you progress.

    * I should point out though that this isn't an algorithm. An algorithm is, in loose terms, a series of precise instructions for achieving a specific goal. What you're using in the video is a feature of the C language. Not all languages support structs and/or not all languages support returning structs from functions.
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