Thread: Pssing string to function in C

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    Pssing string to function in C

    Good morning,

    I have a program made in VB and delphi that calls a C dll function which must handle a string.

    So, the function is more or less like this:

    int32 function1(double p1, char *path)
    My problem is that it seems that when I use the variable path inside function1 I get one character only... So, if I pass for instance "c:\myfolder" I get "c". Must I define some other char to get path full value? Like:

    char temp[50] = path;

    Can someone help me out here?



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    Have you considered that what you're getting in the C function is a pointer to a UNICODE string?

    Use a loop to print a few extra bytes, and see if you see
    c\0:\0m\0y\0 etc

    If so, then perhaps
    int32 function1(double p1, wchar_t *path)
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