Thread: How do I remove backslashes from a string

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    How do I remove backslashes from a string

    I need to work with data passed into a c program and the string that is passed in includes backslashes. How can I remove all backslashes for a char array in c?

    In php I would want something like stripslashes();

    This one item is holding up my entire project, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    For each backslash you are going to have to copy the string a single place to the right so it
    goes over the backslash. This can be achieved using two pointers and a loop.
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    I am not good at the c language. I normally stick to easy stuff like PHP and scripting PowerShell. I wanted to do exactly as you recommend by making a loop that would look at each character then if it matched copy the n+1 item to the n position to overwrite it. However in c after I used the strcpy() function to copy the input into a char array it seems as though the backslash and the following character are now one character instead of there being 2 characters a backslash and a following character.

    For example say I have a char array storing the following data

    char test[10] = "\ab";

    When I go to get the ascii value of the current char in the array it says 7, which is the bell character \a. Therefore when reading the ascii value of the backslash it reads the backslash plus the following character and then returns the ascii value for the special escaped char \a instead of just returning the ascii value of the \ which would be 92.

    I'm not utilizing pointers and maybe that's my issue. Do you have any code examples since I'm not familiar with them?

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    Err... it sounds like the problem is just that your test strings don't have the backslashes that you want them to contain because they end up denoting escape characters. The solution would be to escape them:
    char test[10] = "\\ab";
    Incidentally, this is something that you should have encountered in PHP.
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    Thanks for the help

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