Thread: help! program compiles but won't run

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    help! program compiles but won't run

    I sucessfully compiled it under linux and windows it works under linux but under windows it gives an error when I run it.

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc,char* argv[]){
      FILE *fin,*fout;
      int c;
      char key[]={(int)argv[3]}; 
    if ((fin=fopen(argv[1],"r"))==NULL){
        return 0;
      return 0;

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    You can get it to compile by changing the following bits, but even so, I don't think it's doing what you're intending it to (and it's not safe anyway).

    >char key[]={(int)argv[3]};
    Change this to:
    >char key = argv[3][0];

    Change this to:

    Do some error checking to ensure the user has provided three valid arguments, before you start indexing the argv array. Thats what I mean by "safe".

    I presume the 3rd parameter is a string key used to encrypt the file? At present you are only using the first character. There's a stack of example source for xor encryption, but if you get stuck, post again.
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