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    Unhappy Problem with enigma machine

    I need help with homework from college, my teacher asked me a coder / decoder of enigma machine...
    I declared the Rotors:
    char rotortop[26] = {'B','D','F','H','J','I','N','P','R','T','V','X','Z','A','C','E','G','I','K','M','O','Q','S','U','W','Y'};
    char rotormid[26] = {'E','J','O','T','Y','C','H','M','R','W','A','F','K','P','U','Z','D','I','N','S','X','B','G','L','Q','V'};
    char rotorbot[26] = {'G','N','U','A','H','O','V','B','I','P','W','C','J','Q','X','D','K','R','Y','E','L','S','Z','F','M','T'};
    I also need to make the code read a text file and I make this function but don't know if it is right

    void descodificar(void){   
     printf("Entre com o texto que deseja descodificar: \n");   
     scanf("%c", &texto);    
    FILE *file;   
    file = fopen("TextoDescod2.txt", "w");    
    fprintf(file, "%c", texto);   
    //Algoritmo Enigma   

    Basically, after the rotor complete the circle, the next rotor should start spinning and I can not do this.

    I don't know how to make this algorithm...

    Sorry for bad english, i'm from brazil... the comments is in portuguese...
    I appreciate the help.
    I need help with homework from college, my teacher asked me a coder / decoder machine
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    Perhaps declare three indices

    int topPos, midPos, botPos;

    At some point in the code, you do
    if ( ++topPos == 26 ) {
      topPos = 0;  // back to the beginning
      ++midPos;  // advance 1 step
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