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    New help using a counter

    I need help understanding why this program outputs "Count = 3" if the input file is:

    -3xy' - ay" - bcos(t) = sin(t)
    4y - 3y' = - y'

    What I intended for my counter to output was the number of characters there are in my input file. Any help is appreciated.

    {    int count = 0;
        char z[1000];
        FILE *fin, *fout;
        fin = fopen("cp1_ODEin.txt", "r");
            if((fin = fopen("cp1_ODEin.txt", "r")) == NULL)
                printf("Failed to open cp1_ODEin.txt");
        fout = fopen("cp1_ODEout.txt", "w");
            if((fout = fopen("cp1_ODEout.txt", "w")) == NULL)
                printf("Failed to open cp1_ODEout.txt");
        while(fgets(z, 1000, fin) != NULL){
            fputs(z, stdout);
            count = count + 1;
        printf("\nCount = %d", count);

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    9,897're reading a three line file with fgets and incrementing count on each successful call of fgets, then printing the value of count. "Count = 3" being the output seems legit to me. Note here that fgets reads more than one character (up to 998 or 999, to be specific in this case). If you want a count of characters, saving the length of the read string seems reasonable. Or if you don't care about the actual characters, only the count, try using fgetc instead of fgets.
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