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    Structs, Pointers, Memory Allocation, Stacks

    Hello Everyone!

    Okay so I am studying a computing course and i am new to the C language. I have been given an assignment but i have no idea where to start, if anyone could provide any useful information/links or resources it would be greatly appreciated!

    Below is a copy of what the assignment is asking for;

    Files you will create & submit: frame.h, frame_manager.h, frame_manager.c, Makefile

    frame.h - will contain the definition of a ‘Frame’ struct that contains two elements:
    an int value called ‘data’ and a Frame pointer called ‘next’. Make sure to use a typedef
    when defining your struct.

    frame_manager.h - will contain two function prototypes used for creating and
    destroying Frames (memory management). The signatures for these two functions are:
    Frame* getFrame()
    void releaseFrame(Frame* oldFrame)

    frame_manager.c - will contain the definition for these two function prototypes
    such that getFrame will allocate a new Frame in memory using calloc or malloc, and
    return a pointer to the new allocation; and releaseFrame will reset ‘oldFrame’s values to
    0 and NULL and free oldFrame’s memory.

    Please submit a Makefile for your entire project as well. Make sure to use
    CFLAGS = -Wall -Wextra –pedantic so that your compiler is extra picky.

    Any solutions would be a life saver!

    Thank you

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    Your instructor should have given you all the information to be able to write the program on your own. You need to attempt to write the first cut of a program before asking questions here.

    Please study the Site Policies here before posting questions on this forum.

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