Thread: Some more updated book recommendations

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    Some more updated book recommendations

    Hi all,

    We've created an extensive list of C programming books here: 30 Awesome C Programming Books recommended by Stackoverflow - Best Programming Books

    We think it's a pretty great list, but we might have missed something, and we wouldn't mind updating the list if there's a must-read book missing!


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    It's hardly 30, when I counted at least two books listed twice.
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    The Kochan is on it's 4th Edition and the Strata on its 6th.

    Also, you know what is missing from all these lists you folks like to do? You never add the most important book of all. The one you will still be reading long after you stop reading C books. It's the language standard (

    One last piece of advise. I don't think I ever saw anyone doing a book list that doesn't look like a shopping list without any context to support and help the people that could benefit from it. It's always this boring bullet point mantra without any rhyme or reason. On a language like C, for instance, it would be helpful to separate the books between at least beginner and advanced categories. And it would be extremely important to add also books that, while not talking about C specifically, still taught essential programming skills like procedural programming or about the different OS toolchains. I realize you do insert some of these books, but you do it in a sloppy manner on a single column list, as if categorizing stuff was too much work for you.

    Problem is, programming is even more work. So if on such a simple task, you can't demonstrate that organization and research is second-nature to you, how can you expect someone to trust your list or that you have the coding skills that could make you someone worth taking advise on this matter?
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