Thread: [Help] Ideas for a project.

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    [Help] Ideas for a project.

    Hello, I am a Begginer in C and C++ languages. The hardest things i have done in C (to understand my level) is a sudoku checker and solver. In C++ i have made a GUI calculator with Tokens, classes, structs etc.

    So, what I want from you is to give me an idea of a project to start with, so that i can learn more about C, and how to uses data structures in C.

    Even if you have an open source program that could help, it would be useful.


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    The best place to look for a project is to figure out what is bugging you in your daily life, then think about how software might help with that.

    Waiting for other people to tell you what to do ensures that if you do start work, you'll always be in the middle of the cube farm.

    Or goto SourceForge - Download, Develop and Publish Free Open Source Software and see what takes your fancy. There are no end of projects that are abandoned or short of people to work on them.
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