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    solve this problem...

    1.Write a program to find the sum of the values in a numeric field of the elements of an array of structures.

    2.The total number of moves of disks required to solve the Tower of Hanoi problem with n disks is expressed in the following equation:
    Hn = 2Hn-1 +1, for n>1 and H1 = 1.
    Write a program that finds the total number of moves for any given number n of disks using global variables, recursion and static variables separately. Write three different functions that are called from the ‘main’.

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    And...solved! That was fun, but a bit easy.

    Oh, wait...did you want us to give you a solution? Sorry, we don't do that here. Clearly you didn't read the forum guidelines or homework policy. Strange, because to become a member, you are required to read and abide by them.

    All smart-ass-ness aside, we're happy to help you. But help does not mean we write code for you. You make an effort to solve the problems, and you post your attempt here. Make sure you paste your code as plain-text, that it's well-formatted, and in [code][/code] tags.

    Note that if you can not solve the problem yourself, you will never program a computer to solve it. So your first step to any programming problem is to understand the problem and devise a solution yourself. Then you can begin to translate that solution to code. Just work on one small piece at a time, and test after each little bit to make sure you aren't introducing errors; if you do find a problem in testing, you only have a small bit of code to debug.

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