Thread: Need help with my Very newbie code

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    Question Need help with my Very newbie code

    Hey guys, i've just started learning c, and i'm writing one of my first programs. I'm having some problems running it, though. Here is the code :

    #include <stdio.h>
        int main ()
        int soma,n,nf,nz;
        soma = 0;
        n = 0;
         printf ("Digite o primeiro termo da sequência");
         scanf("%d", &nz);
         printf ("digite o termo final da sequência");
         scanf("%d", &nf);
         printf ("o programa calculara a soma de todos os termos dentro da sequência/n");
         while (nz+n<=nf) {
            soma = soma + nz + n ;
            n=n+1 ;
         return 0 ;
    Here's a quick tutorial of what it does (the text is in portuguese, i forgot to translate) : First i type the first number of a sequence, then, i type the last one, and then the program should sum all of the numbers within the sequence, including the first and last number. (i've tested on paper and so far it works with positive integers).
    My problem is that the program doesn't print "soma" ( soma = sum) after the while loop ends. How can i fix it?

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    Here's what I get.
    $ gcc -Wall foo.c
    $ ./a.out 
    Digite o primeiro termo da sequência10
    digite o termo final da sequência200
    o programa calculara a soma de todos os termos dentro da sequência/n20055$
    First, there is a difference between "/n" and "\n".

    Second, your final printf should really be followed by a \n as well to guarantee you see the last printf on the terminal.

    But if you have the problem of the console window disappearing after the last input, then read FAQ > Stop my Windows Console from disappearing everytime I run my program? -
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    Jeez... It was working all along, i just couldn't see it hahah. Thx for the help

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