Thread: Tool for testing exactly the performance of program / algorithm

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    Tool for testing exactly the performance of program / algorithm

    With today's modern computers, for novice programmers who write mostly small programs, it's not possible to tell which program / algorithm performs better. Is there a tool that measures CPU load and memory load and other performance metrics of a particular program in Windows (an .exe file, an application)? Since my small programs don't eat up much power relative to Windows' own processes or any of my computer's programs, I can't use Task Manager for this.

    Essentially, in the short term, this will be useful only for my algorithms as I typically write ones that are a bit unusual and may have different performance (time and memory) than the standard algorithm of that type. In the long term, a program like this would be immensely useful, one that specifies exactly how many bytes of RAM were used by the program, how many commands the CPU ran, how much time it took, etc.

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