Thread: What is the problem with this one.

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    What is the problem with this one.

    it crashes when input special type of delivery

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    	float total_words,total;
    	char t[50],deliv; 	
    	printf("Enter Customer's Name: ");
    	printf("Input Number Of Words Used In The Telegram: ");
    	total = 28.99+(2.5*(total_words-12));		
    	 else if(total_words<12)
    	 	total = 28.99;
    	printf("Input type of delivery (S-Special) or (N-None): ");
    	if( deliv == 's' && deliv == 'S')
    		total = total + 5;
    	printf("Total cost: %f", total);
    	return 0;
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    A few suggestions.

    Always pay attention to compiler warnings. You should have gotten one regarding your scanf for deliv. You need to pass the address of deliv to scanf, not the value.
    Also, at least when I run this on my machine, I get some finickiness with the 3rd scanf as it picks up whitespace (newline characters) from the previous scanf. To combat this, you can prepend a space to the scanf string.
    scanf(" %c",&deliv);
    Finally, I believe you have a logic problem. Where you check to see if the user typed in S or s, you have && (AND). I believe with what you are trying to do is || (OR).
    if( deliv == 's' || deliv == 'S')
    Good luck!

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    If your reading strings into a program, do not use scanf. Use fgets and sizeof to get the exact memory space including the NULL terminating character. You can then format the string further by using
    sscanf() to ensure the correct data type is inputted before it's used.
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