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    solve a maze

    Hello people!

    How can a solve a maze in C using dfs and stack, I have a .txt file with

    5 10
    # i m    #
    #####  ###
    #m m # m #
    I already read the matrix and store it.
    The instructions are: 'i' is the start point
    'm' are coins that I need count
    '#' are closed way(wall)
    '.' are free path
    and 's' exit.

    I need find a route of 'i' to 's' if I take a wrong way I need return and search a new path when I find 's' I need to print the cordinates route and the coins in the right way.

    Anyone can help me make this task using dfs with stack, I already store the labyrinth, i would like to know how to call dfs function, and how to make it.

    ps. If You don't understand my english, ask me.

    I am Brazilian.
    Thank you.
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    > I need find a route of 'i' to 's' if I take a wrong way I need return and search a new path
    So you need to store something when you reach a point in the maze where there is more than one choice of where to go next.

    Remember, we're here to guide you, not give you answers on a plate.
    If you've already read the maze, then at least show that code.

    Next, try writing some code which moves 'i' at least one space in a valid direction.
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    it's my code to read and store maze

    Here It's my main.c e file.h
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    I've attached my c program.

    I am little bite confuse to use dfs in my situation, thank you for you support.

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