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    Need C Programming Help

    Hello, to put this simply, I'm working full time trying to support myself and going to school for programming. While i have been able to gain decent scores on some of my projects, i cannot devote the time and attention i need to get all my programs working well. While the only due date i have is the end of the semester, I need help on my assignments and would be willing to compensate anyone for their time and assistance. Please private message me for information. I need someone is proficient in C programming and UNIX. Please respond and help!

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    If you need help with specific programming problems you are encountering, we would be able to help, if you explain where you're having trouble and post your attempts.

    If you're just looking to pay someone to do your homework, I don't think it's likely you'll find many takers here. I would also question the life strategy of someone who is paying for an education, and paying someone else to do their work, thereby spending a lot of money with nothing gained in return.

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    So why are you bothering with the course, if you're willing to cheat your way to a good grade?

    I'm assuming that you're taking this course with a view to becoming employed as a programmer? How do you think some future employer will react when (yes, WHEN) they discover that you actually can't program to the level your "pass" would otherwise indicate?

    > i cannot devote the time and attention i need to get all my programs working well.
    We all have time management issues when writing code. Learning how best to manage your time is a vital skill. Consider this an opportunity to learn.
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