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    Question Succeeding Lettters

    How to create a program that counts the number of pairs of succeeding letters in a given phrase. The program will stop when the enter key is hit. For example, the phrase “a bC_df g” has four such pairs: ab, bc, cd and fg. Note that characters aside from letters are disregarded and it also doesn’t matter whether the letter is in upper case or in lower case?

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    Come up with the algorithm first. It may be easier if you assume that the input is entirely lowercase and consists only of characters in the English alphabet. Later, extend your algorithm to handle non-alphabetic input. Handling uppercase is easy since tolower from <ctype.h> can be used to convert from uppercase to lowercase.

    Then, when you have an algorithm that you think will work, implement it. Do not worry about input at first: just hard code the strings, e.g.,
    const char input[] = "a bC_df g";
    After you have everything working except the input part, implement the reading of input.
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    Strange how the wording of this post is identical (except for the preface of "How to...") to the wording of a post by a different user.

    Two people with the same exact assignment simply copy/pasted verbatim?

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