Thread: How does the signature of printf justify its use?

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    How does the signature of printf justify its use?

    For example the prototype of printf is the following.

    int printf ( const char * format, ... );
    However, I don't understand what happens when we have the following code here.

    char myString[50] = "Print this string";
    int myInt = 50;
    printf("This is a string: %s", myString);
    printf("This is a string: %s and an int: %d", myString, myInt);

    if myInt is an integer, doesn't that disobey the const char* format for printfs arguments? Is there some sort of casting that's happening somewhere?

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    You are looking at the use of a variable argument list. There is a tutorial here that briefly covers its use.
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    There's a kind of casting going on, but it's through the va_arg macro.
    Consider a simplified printf with only %d and %s (I've also cheated and used printf to actually print the ints!)
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdarg.h>
    int myprintf(const char *fmt, ...) {
      va_list va;
      va_start(va, fmt);
      for ( ; *fmt; fmt++) {
        switch (*fmt) {
        case '%':
          switch (fmt[1]) {
          case 'd':
            printf("%d", va_arg(va, int));  // interpret next arg as an int
          case 's':
            printf("%s", va_arg(va, char*)); // interpret next arg as char*
            ; // unknown format spec
        case '\\':
          if (fmt[1]) putchar(fmt[1]);
    int main(void) {
      myprintf("Hello world!\n");
      myprintf("%d dollars and %d cents\n", 121, 12);
      myprintf("%d %s enter a %s\n", 3, "nuns", "bar");
      return 0;

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