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    Question Can someone help me with a school project

    Hey all,

    I'm new here and came here to ask you a question about my school exercise but can't find out what the problem is...

    I need to scan in one file where numbers are fully written in 20 sentences and I need to print them in the good order in another file. from high to low starting at 20

    I've set up a long else if statement from 0 to 20 (in Dutch) but I can't get any further. I was thinking to get them into a 2D array so 20 gets on out[0], 19 on out[1], etc.

    Now that's a problem that isn't going that well.
    After that I just need to fprintf it in the file.

    Can someone help me?

    The source code I have now:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main (int argc, char *argv[]) {
        char regel [255];
        char out [25][255];
        FILE *myFile;
        FILE *myFile1;
        myFile = fopen (argv[1], "r");      //in
        if (myFile == NULL) {         // foutmelding
            printf ("leesfout\n");
            return -1;
        myFile1 = fopen (argv[2], "r");     //out
        if (myFile1 == NULL) {         // foutmelding
            printf ("leesfout\n");
            return -1;
        while (fgets (regel, 255, myFile) != NULL)  {
            if(regel[0]=='t' && regel[3]=='a') {        //twintig
            }else if(regel[0]=='n' && regel[7]=='e'){   //negentien
            }else if(regel[0]=='a' && regel[5]=='e'){   //achtien
            }else if(regel[0]=='z' && regel[5]=='t'){   //zeventien
            }else if(regel[0]=='z' && regel[3]=='t'){   //zestien
            }else if(regel[0]=='v' && regel[2]=='j' && regel[6]=='e'){   //vijftien
            }else if(regel[0]=='v' && regel[2]=='e' && regel[6]=='e'){   //veertien
            }else if(regel[0]=='d' && regel[2]=='r'){   //dertien
            }else if(regel[0]=='e' && regel[1]=='l'){   //elf
            }else if(regel[0]=='t' && regel[1]=='i'){   //tien
            }else if(regel[0]=='n' && regel[4]=='n' && regel[5]!='t'){   //negen
            }else if(regel[0]=='a' && regel[1]=='c' && regel[4]!='t'){   //acht
            }else if(regel[0]=='z' && regel[4]=='n' && regel[5]!='t'){   //zeven
            }else if(regel[0]=='z' && regel[2]=='s' && regel[5]!='t'){   //zes
            }else if(regel[0]=='v' && regel[3]=='f' && regel[5]!='t'){   //vijf
            }else if(regel[0]=='v' && regel[2]=='e'){                    //vier
            }else if(regel[0]=='d' && regel[1]=='r'){                    //drie
            }else if(regel[0]=='t' && regel[2]=='e'){                    //twee
            }else if(regel[0]=='e' && regel[1]=='e'){                    //een
        printf("%s", out[0]);
        fclose (myFile);
        fclose (myFile1);
        return 0;
    Thank you!

    EDIT : I'm dutch, so all the full written words are Dutch.

    Also, Twelve is missing, it's called twaalf in Dutch, in some kind of way that didn't work...
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    > myFile1 = fopen (argv[2], "r");
    You should use "w" mode if you want to write to a file.

    > if(regel[0]=='t' && regel[3]=='a')
    Unless you can guarantee a minimum matching subset in all cases, you're probably going to find it easier if you begin with say
    if ( strncmp(regel,"twintig",7) == 0 )

    Perhaps a table of words, and a for loop, rather than an endless series of if / else if
    char *words[] = {
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    I can't just put that table in to print that into the file, my teacher will check that...
    I need to get it from a scanned file... so when there is a sentence missing that number won't be printed.

    but thanks for that w at myFile1

    the only problem is to get them in the right order...

    Or didn't you mean it like that?


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