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    In one of the interview, I have been asked the following question. Interviewer expects logical thinking.

    How much money does a glass( used for drinking purpose) contains?

    Even, I do not know answer. If you could solve please share with others. so that it will help others..


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    Assuming that the glass has coins in it, does he tell you anything about the number or denominations of the coins?

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    silly dude

    it dosnt have an answer its meant to see how
    u try to work it out to see how logical u r

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    perhaps it could hold half a "pound"(the currency) of water. Just a guess. At any rate this thread really belongs on the gereral discussions board.

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    There is no solution with the data given, ask some questions about the glass. What are the contents of the glass if any? What is the location of the glass? (even water differs in value depending on where you are). Is the glass an antique? It could be priceless.

    Just some food for thought.

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    How much money can the glass hold before it gets full?

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