Thread: about reading character from a file

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    about reading character from a file

    Hi everyone,

    I set up two little functions that do enscryption and I want to incorporate those two functions into commandLine argument of the form <prog> file1.txt > file2.txt .
    each one of the two functions gets 4 letter words and return 4 letter word, since the only way that I know is to read characters from a file is one character at time. can anyone suggest a way that I can pass these two functions 4 letter at a time or any other way that I can adapt these two functions.

    the two functions look like this;

    /* the loop is from the main function */
    while(file.get(fp) == NULL)
    p-box( *first_msg, * return_message); /* function 1 * /

    s-box( *return_message, *another_ return_message); /* function2

    print here (another_returm_message)

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    If you would like to read a certain number of charectors or an entire line you can use fgets.
    char String[256];
    FILE *input = fopen(FileName, "r");
    fgets(String, 256, input);
    This will get at most 256 charectors from input and store the char array to String. If fgets incounters a new line ('\n') it stops and stores what it has taken to String. If you want to only get 4 char then just change 256 to 4.

    - Sean
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    Manual page: fgets

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    If you're doing encryption, you'll probably be doing decrpytion in the same prog, and for that I expect you'll need to read in binary mode (depending on how you've encrypted the data). For that you'll need fread() and fwrite().

    while(file.get(fp) == NULL)
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