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    Post pointer arrays

    i hav e a few questions about pointers:
    int array[100];
    int *ch;
    is it true?if it is true why we use pointer becouse it can be likle that int array[100];

    is this for dynamic memory

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    There is no need for a pointer in your simple example. Dynamic arrays in the way you mentioned is not possible (perhaps on some compilers), so you need to use pointers and dynamic allocation instead:

    int* MyArray;
    MyArray=(int*)malloc(i); //Syntax?

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    >int array[100];
    >int *ch;
    This is valid, but doesn't get you any more than 100 ints
    ch[i] accesses the same memory as array[i]
    Just a slightly different way of going about it

    If you want to choose the size at run time, then
    int size = 100;
    int *ch = malloc( size * sizeof(int) );

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    Search the message board

    You may want to do a search of dynamic arrays on c board, because just last week I recieved help on this same topic from Prelude. If you cant find it let me know and I can find it and link it for you.

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