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    Question Problem using floor() function

    I am using the floor function to round the values (round up).

    Below is the code, all variables are declared as double
    OS: HP-Unix 11

    dTemp = dValueToRound * dMultFactor;
    printf("dTemp: %f\n", dTemp);
    dTemp = floor (dTemp + 0.5);
    dRoundedVal = dTemp / dMultFactor;

    printf("Rounded value: %f\n", dRoundedVal);

    When I try to round the number 1.275 using the above function it is rounding it down to 1.27

    If I directly pass the the value 128.00 to the floor function it returns 128.00 but if I do this floor(1.275*100.00 + 0.5) it returns 127.00. I did not understand whether I am missing something.

    Help would be appreciated.

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    If you want to round up then perhaps the ceil function would work a bit better. Or you could search the boards for previous times this question has been asked.

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