Thread: Linking problem : can't find symbols in a library

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    Linking problem : can't find symbols in a library


    I'm trying to compile a code using functions located in a library (libxenctrl), but ld cannot find the symbols :
    gntring3_read_async : gntring3_read_async.o
    	gcc gntring3_read_async.o -lxenctrl /home/fremals/GVirtus9/modules/gntring/libgntring4.o -o ring3_read_async -lm
    /home/fremals/GVirtus9/modules/gntring/libgntring4.o: in function  connect_ring :
    libgntring4.c:(.text+0x328): undefined reference to  xc_interface_open(xentoollog_logger*, xentoollog_logger*, unsigned int) 
    libgntring4.c:(.text+0x348): undefined reference to  xc_map_foreign_pages(xc_interface_core*, unsigned int, int, unsigned long const*, int) 
    libgntring4.c:(.text+0x365): undefined reference to  xc_interface_close(xc_interface_core*) 
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    fremals@fremals-System-Product-Name:~$ nm /usr/local/lib/ | grep xc_interface_open
    0000000000016c39 T xc_interface_open
    00000000000169a3 t xc_interface_open_common
    fremals@fremals-System-Product-Name:~$ nm /usr/local/lib/ | grep xc_interface_close
    0000000000016d26 T xc_interface_close
    0000000000016c8e t xc_interface_close_common
    fremals@fremals-System-Product-Name:~$ nm /usr/local/lib/ | grep xc_map_foreign_pages
    000000000001e4a6 T xc_map_foreign_pages
    Does soemone know why ld cannot find the symbols please ?

    Thank you !!

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    Given that the linker is providing prototypes (i.e. it's including parameter types), I'm inclined to think you're building with a C++ compiler, which encodes that information. Had you built with a C compiler, the linker would likely just give you the function name, since that's all it has access to.

    If you are building with a C++ compiler, either switch to C, or when you include the header that declares these functions, tell the compiler they have C linkage:
    extern "C"
    #include <foobar.h>
    I see that you're linking with gcc, not g++, but you didn't include how you built libgntring4.o, which is the offending object. If you are linking in C++ objects, you should link with your C++ compiler, not a C compiler. It will ensure that the proper standard libraries are linked in (plus any other extra stuff your C++ environment might require).

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    Also, adding to what Cas said, I found sometimes the order of the libraries matter. For example, trying something like this might fix your problem:
    gcc gntring3_read_async.o /home/fremals/GVirtus9/modules/gntring/libgntring4.o -o ring3_read_async -lm -lxenctrl

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    My interpretation is that the functions are located in that .so file that you searched. It says this about .so files: "The advantage of .so (shared object) over .a library is that they are linked during the runtime i.e. after creation of your .o file -o option in gcc. So, if there's any change in .so file, you don't need to recompile your main program."

    I found more information. It's called Runtime Linking. There are additional flags: LDADD= -Llibpath -Wl, -Rlibpath

    The -L adds to a library search path, where the libraries to resolve symbols are located. The -R is the runtime search path that is being linked to and which the linker uses to embed information. The -Wl flag passes flags from gcc to the linker.
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    Thank you for your answers, cas found the problem. libgntring is effectively compiled with g++. I don't understand why it was working before I reinstall linux, but it's working now, that's what matters. A big thank, I was blocked on this for a week ^^

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