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    ASCII Aray

    I want read 6 bytes of ASCII values ex "5AARUS" and then I want to send 6 bytes out again.
    I am using Psoc3 microcontroller.
    My suggestion would be to use an Array to stored data in but otherwise I am pretty blank on how to do it. Hi

    Best regards MacJ

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    Do you know enough C to write a console program that reads input from stdin, stores that input in an array, and prints the array back out to stdout?

    If not, you should start there.

    Otherwise, you need to ask yourself a few questions...

    • What communication protocol will you be using?
    • What device or software will you be using to communicate with your micro?
    • Will bytes be echoed as they are received?
    • How will the micro know when to output the bytes it has read? Will it just print out after it receives a fixed number of bytes, or will it be looking for a specific byte (e.g. '\n' or '\r') to indicate it should print out the contents it has read?

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