Thread: implementing small directory tree in c HELP

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    implementing small directory tree in c HELP

    ok i have an assigment to implement a binary directory tree

    we have to use enumeration with labels Folder and File

    we have to define type struct FOLDER with elements: name which is a dynamicly string,left and right pointer to the structure and indentifiar which is type enum

    we have to define struct FILE with elements name identifiar and int data

    the part above is clear to me

    but the second part is blurry

    define a function which inserts a childe node to the specific node and if that new node has the identifiar File it should be casted from type FOLDER* to type FILE*, the information of the node should be inserted in theis function

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    01 typedef enum TIP
    02 {
    03 Folder,
    04 File
    05 }TIP;
    06 typedef struct folder
    07 {
    08 char *name;
    09 TIP ident;
    10 struct folder *left,*right;
    11 }FOLDER;
    12 typedef struct datoteka
    13 {char *name;
    14 int data;
    15 TIP ident;

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