Thread: How to properly dispose of a newline character

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    Question How to properly dispose of a newline character

    So I have this program:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdint.h>
    #define INTERVAL 24
    int main()
      int i, n;
        printf("This program prints a table of squares. \n");
        printf("Enter number of entries in table: ");
        scanf("%d", &n); 
        for(i = 1; i <= n; i++)
            printf("%5d% 5d\n", i, i * i);
            if(i % INTERVAL == 0)
                printf("\nPress enter to continue. ");
                // This loops gets skipped because of the new line character that gets left behind once the user inputs something to the variable n
                while(getchar() != '\n')
                    printf("\nYou must press the enter key. ");
        return 0;
    and the only thing wrong with it is that the while loop doesn't run because of the newline that gets left behind once the user enters characters to the variable n. I know a couple of workarounds to get around this but those methods aren't very stable and more short term than long term. So how would I properly dispose of this pesky newline character?
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    What have you tried?


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    writing getchar() after the scanf() is one work around but like I said it's not an ideal solution because what if the user enters more than one character? This solution wouldn't work and it's more short term than long term.

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    The other popular way of handling this is to use fgets to read the whole input line into a buffer. Provided the buffer is large enough, you'll get anything before and after the number, as well as the newline, so no surprises are left waiting on stdin.
    Then you can use sscanf (string scanf) to parse the number from the buffer.

    Or, you can use scanf as you do now, and use call fgets() afterwards to scoop up any rubbish on stdin. fgets() stops when it encounters a newline, which we'll definitely have from the scanf.

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    Have a look at how this faq suggests you get a line of input from the user
    FAQ > Get a line of text from the user/keyboard (C) -
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