Thread: Slicing's string concept.

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    Slicing's string concept.

    Hi everybody!, I just was wondering how would I print a specific string slice like what we used to do in python language, which there we were doing string[0:4] that's leading to print from index 0 to 3..etc.
    How about C programming? isn't there a specific algorithm or function to do string slicing?

    thanks beforehand for your cooperating.

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    #include <stdio.h>
    void print_slice(const char *str, unsigned int begin, unsigned int end)
        printf("%.*s", end - begin, str + begin);

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    It's against forum rules to give out complete solutions. Please don't do it. The OP will learn nothing from this, and will now just copy and paste the code, not caring how it actually works.
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    Firstly, thanks for the answer.
    secondly regarding to dark, I really didn't tell in my question that I'm heading for complete solutions, I just asked if there's a pre-quick-function in C (commands) that's used for what I've asked upper.

    And I still a lil confused, can u give me an example of the code that you have written above?

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    ah thanks, got the idea.

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