Thread: how to stop this program?

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    how to stop this program?

    /* This is a program intended to copy its input to its output, replacing
    each string of one or more blanks by a single blank.
    My question is that how can I terminate the program in VC instead of running
    it without stop?*/

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define NONBLANK 'a'

    void main (void)
    char i=getchar();
    int lastc=NONBLANK;
    while (i!=EOF){
    if (i!=' ')
    if (i==' ')
    if (lastc!=' ')

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    You should build in a statement which causes the loop to stop, in the current situation, the value of i doesn't ever change in the loop. So i will never be equal to EOF.

    You should put


    somewhere in the loop.

    To kill the process running you could use the task manager, CTRL-ALT-DEL.

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    Originally posted by Shiro
    So i will never be equal to EOF.
    EOF is an int, i has been defined as a char. oops

    And don't even start on the void main() bit ! Change it to int main quick before the regulars see it

    When you get the code sorted, you'll find EOF can be generated from the keyboard via CTRL+d or CTRL+z depending on your OS, or it's automatically generated if you're reading a file and you get to the end.
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    The loop for simply copying chars is
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main ( ) {
      int ch;
      while ( (ch=getchar()) != EOF ) {
        // add your decision code here
        putchar( ch );
      return 0;
    ctrl-D or ctrl-Z usually generate the EOF

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