Thread: Newbie here plz help!

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    Unhappy Newbie here plz help!

    Hello guys and thanks for your time...
    i'm having a difficulty in finding the prime numbers from 2 to n, where n a number i enter...could you help me please?(well i'm not so good at maths i suppose!)
    thank you

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    The ever friendly google should help ya:

    First page come up with a prog to do what you asked.
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
    If you're posting code, use code tags: [code] /* insert code here */ [/code]

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    Go here

    If that doesn't help, post your code so we can see which part you're having problems with.

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    here's the bfi method:
    PHP Code:
    int main() {
    int n=340/* some number */
    int count;
    for (
    count=2count ncount++)
      if (
    printf("%d is prime\n",count);

    bool isprime(int y) {
    /*you figure this part out*/
      check all integers from 2 to the square root of y plus 1
      if y mod n is 0, then return true
     else return false

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