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    I want to get the occurence of the symbol ';' for each line of this C program. I type the name of the file Source.c and try to count the occuring symbol, but i am getting the value for ALL of the ';' for each line.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <conio.h>/* For exit() function */
    int main()
       char file_name[150];
       FILE *file2 = 0;
          int rows = 1;//broq na vsichki redove
          int dotcoma[150];
          int j;
          int c=0;
          file2 = fopen(file_name, "r");//otvarq faial za chetene
          if (file2 == NULL){
             printf("Cannot open %s\n", file_name);
          for (j = 0; j < 150; j++)
             c = fgetc(file2);
             if (c == '\n') rows++;
             if (';' == c)
                dotcoma[rows-1] ++;
          } while (c != EOF);//chete do kraq na faila
          if (ferror(file2)){
             printf("Error reading file.\n");
          printf("The number of the symbols on a row ");
          printf("Row %d: %f\n", j + 1, (float)dotcoma[j]);
       if (fclose(file2) == EOF){
          printf("Cannot close %s\n", file_name);
       return 0;

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    When you find a newline (\n) in the file, you know you need to reset the semicolon counter to zero in preparation for the next line.

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    Create a function to search the occurrence of ';'. In main create loop to read codes per line

    Read line by line in the main

    // main
    char buffer[2048]; // assume that one line of your text is not more than 2048 char.
    //open your you want to read and don't forget to close it after.
            if(cnt==1) {
                printf("%s",buffer); // this is for DEBUGGING purposes . It will print all the line where the ';' occur
        printf("%d",ret); // display the total ocurance of the char.
    //close the file here
    // function to search for the occurance of the char.
    occurance(char *buffer)
        char found=strchr(buffer,';');
        if(found) return 1;
        else return 0;
    it's already 95% of the program .
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